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Submit Journal #2 Here.
Students’ learning will be assessed through three written journal entries requiring them to critically assess the cultural and social aspects of the workplace, focusing on different theories of workplace dynamics. Students will analyze and discuss privilege relationships and their impact on different socioeconomic and cultural groups in the workplace and analyze the challenges and benefits of diversity and multiculturalism in the workplace. Students will also reflect upon their personal views and biases related to diversity and multiculturalism in the workplace and outline a personal plan for increasing personal awareness of diversity and cultural competence.
Make sure your journal topic is different than the discussion board questions. This is not a space to have a longer discussion of a discussion board question but rather for you to find and reflect on an original topic or event that relates to course concept.
To encourage students to understand the connection between diversity and current events or a student’s own experience,
To analyze the current event or experience in the context of course materials and concepts and
To give the students a chance to reflect in-depth about diversity and about the specific topics studied.
The journal will be an account of your feelings, thoughts, experiences, and insights during the course of the semester.
Journal #2
Journal #2 must contain three parts.
Part 1. Research and summarize a diversity-related topic or event, which can be from an external source or your own experience. It does not have to be business related. You may write about diversity in other contexts such as sports, television, film, commercials, pop culture, politics, your every-day experience, religion, etc. One source is needed for each entry. Your source can be your own personal experience or something you found in a newspaper article, Web site article, magazine article, Web video, blog entry, scene from a film, episode from a television show, commercial, and so forth).
Part 2. The second part is a brief analysis of the topic/event and how it relates to the course materials/concepts from weeks 5-9
Part 3. The third part should be your personal reflection on the topic and the related course materials. Journal entry should reflect upon readings and other materials from Weeks 5-9, the student’s thoughts on a specific dimension of diversity, regardless of whether that is a dimension of diversity personally experienced by the student. Part should discuss the importance of diversity in the workplace and thoughts on how to include diverse people in the workplace. The journal should also discuss one of the cases discussed in the Harvey/Allard or Williams book as a way of discussing issues of diversity in the workplace
Length and format:
Each Journal Entry should be typed, single-spaced, between paragraphs, with the source at the top followed by the summary and response. The assignment will be graded on both the student’s reflections on the diversity event and the student’s writing in terms of grammar: sentence structure, punctuation, coherence, and spelling. Journal entries should be 2-4 pages long, 12 point font with 1 inch margins, but there is no penalty for longer entries.
Because I want to encourage you to think deeply about a topic with the knowledge that you will get credit regardless of what you write, as long as it is clear that you have demonstrated reflection on the topic, the related course materials, and your own personal experiences, you should receive a good (if not perfect) grade. There are no right or wrong answers. You can learn and grow through this experience–if you take advantage of it.

Inequality and how racism effects the United States

Opinion 2Express your subjective opinions and feelings about what you read for this module.
Your Opinion Piece should be 300-750 words in length.
Also, reply to at least two of your classmates’ opinion writings. Replying to your classmates’ posts helps enhance a sense of community in our online class and gets us involved with each other’s ideas. Each reply should be substantial, roughly 50-100 words. Replying is worth 5 points of this assignment.
Remember, this should be more subjective than the summary. You can include personal stories, ideas from your past, or current news that might be relevant to the readings, as well as your thoughts and feelings about the rightness or wrongness of what you’ve read.
Also include 2 quotes from the Module’s readings on racism to support your opinion (each is worth one point of the total). Properly reference the quotes by placing them in quotations marks and then, using APA, MLA, properly cite each quote. Also, include a short Reference List at the conclusion of your Opinion Piece where you list the two quotes you used in proper APA or MLA referencing style (the reference List is worth 3 points of the total).

Evaluating Internet Sources

The Internet has been called the world’s biggest library, but unlike library material, Internet material is not always subjected to rigorous editorial procedures. Never has the adage been more true than when applied to the Internet: “Don’t believe everything you read.”
Choose a website and evaluate it according to the three criteria discussed in Chapter 7 for evaluating Internet sources. Be sure to provide a link to the site and include the criteria in your main post.

View the Medical Robots Speech. Identify the main points of the speech and the supporting materials used for each. Evaluate the speaker’s use of supporting materials in light of the criteria discussed in Chapter 8. Be sure to incorporate the criteria in your main post.

Communications Question

Writing Assignment Help hi thank you for accepting this assignment , My topic that I chose is : How to get rid of depression ?
Instructor :: Just make sure your speech is “How to…” and doesn’t become informative.
I uploaded one sample for easier to know what and how to do this . make sure you are using the sample
as a guide and the way he explained for grade . thank you so much and let me know if u have any question 🙂
It is an outline, not a written speech, so bullet points to guide your speech are acceptable.
Please upload some word-processed, digital file of your work.
if you need an idea about myself : I am an immigrant from iran , i work and study full time , if u wanna use it in your outline

CPSS/405: Working With Sex Offenders

Locate current crime statistics in your area for one of the offenses:
Contact offense against child
Non-contact offense against a child
Contact offense against an adult
Non-contact offense against an adult
Write a 525- to 700-word paper on the specific type of offense.
Include the following:
Research this type of offense. What are the typical motivators for the offender?
Describe the characteristics of offenders who typically commit the selected offense.
Describe the victim’s profile (as connected to an offender’s victim pool). Include common reactions of a victim related to a sexual offense.
Describe the different types of laws related to the selected offense and how the offense is normally prosecuted.
Describe the effectiveness of statutes and laws in reducing the occurrence of sex crimes.
Include a minimum 2 sources.
Format any citations in your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

MySQL Question

Refer to the film table of the Sakila database. This lab loads film with 100 rows from Sakila. Consequently, SELECT * FROM film; generates too many characters to display in the zyLab environment. However, statements with less output, such as SELECT title FROM film;, execute successfully.
This lab illustrates the use of indexes and EXPLAIN to optimize query performance. Refer to EXPLAIN documentation for information about EXPLAIN result columns.
Write and run seven SQL statements:
Explain the query SELECT * FROM film WHERE title = ‘ALONE TRIP’;.
In the EXPLAIN result, column key is null, indicating no index is available for the query. Column rows is 100, indicating all rows are read. The query executes a table scan and is slow.
Create an index idx_title on the title column.
I attached the assignment detail below, please follow all the instructions.