Writer’s Choice Essay

This is a chance to practice making a difference in an organisation and involves a submitting a report on a case of your choosing. It must propose an improvement to operations in a real organisation. It will be graded on its Practicality, Performance and Persuasiveness. See the assignment brief below for details of the assignment and marking criteria:

The Basics
• Submit a written proposal
• This will propose an operational improvement for a real organisation
• You have to use Operations Management tools
• Make it compelling

The Brief
A lot of Operations and Project Management is about making things better; finding better ways to deliver the same products, or finding ways of making products better.
An important skill within industry is being able to identify operations improvements and then propose those improvements in the right way. The “right way” is the way that encourages people to understand and adopt your ideas. This is a chance for you to develop that skill.
Your brief is to make things better; propose an improvement in the operations management of an organisation. It can make things cheaper, quicker, improved, more flexible or dependable. It can involve goods, services or both. It can be an organisation you work for, you have worked for, you have seen or even one you have researched out of interest.

The vital thing is you need to have sufficient information to do the following:
• Find a problem or an opportunity for improvement.
• Use appropriate Operations and Project Management tools to develop your proposal. Analyse what is happening, what is needed and what could be better. Use the tools to show how things can be improved.
• Develop your proposal into a complete plan; what should be done, why, how and when.
• Present it well;

1. Create a written proposal that includes all of the relevant details that you need to clearly explain what you are recommending.
2. Create a clear summary to help inform readers to be enthusiastic about your proposal; a summary should make a reader interested about the topic and explain the key parts of the proposal.

Your work

• You should include a brief outline of your chosen organisation and the products/services to which your initiative relates.
• You should present your initiative for change, describing what, how, why and when it could be implemented.
• You will support your initiative using analysis including operations and project management tools.
• You will need some data and you will need to explain how you gathered it, what assumptions you have made and any other data you would like before implementation. (more details provided within lectures).