Write a journal critique using the attached source only.

Williamson)only use the attached journal as source) and write a journal critique. Please follow the instructions given.Please write straight forward use very simple wording, easy to read, do not use fancy words, Keep as simple and straightforward as possible like you are talking to someone. Also be careful in not repeating words( i got some issues with that before) Format:2 full pages1.5 spaced12 New RomamL and R justifiedTotal of 4 paragraphsHere is the breakdown of what each paragraph must to include:PARAGRAPH #1: -Need to include the title of journal -Name of first author (if have more than one only the first author please)-Where is this work from? Was there a collaboration? Where is the funding coming from? (you find the funding qat the very bottom of the journal.-Last 2 sentences in this paragraph must include the purpose, why is been done and what is the researcher Hypothesis (if doesn’t have one, just state “the researcher didn’t state the hypothesis). PARAGRAPH #2 (about 6-7 sentences)write 4 problems you found with the research, and why do you think is a problem. (this is the first problem, and why ten this is the second and why, this is the 3rd problem and why, and this is the 4rd problem and why. It has to have 4 problems!PARAGRAPH #3Here is where you write what do you think you could do to fix those 4 problems you stated. Propose how to fix the issues (the problems).PARAGRAPH #4Write your conclusion, your thoughts, your opinion.( my notes just a few thinghs you may want to keep in mind while doing this critique). So here are some ideas of the problems i found after reading the journal, you feel fr5ee to use those problem of find others and use your own words.In the abstract portion, i found these potential problems.- So it says the journal was published in 2020, since the research subject include Covid19, the problem this journal was written too early since pandemic just started. Some people for example live in farms and only go to do groceries to Walmart for example once a month lets say, this type of couples didn’t really got affected much in the beginning of pandemic, so their life didn’t got affected until later on in pandemic-how do you measure satisfaction? Need more information here- what’s a functioning couple? Like what does the author mean by functioning couple? This is unclear! “What’s lower function?”-different regions- people living in a Ranch got affected different by the pandemic.-I didn’t really find the hypothesis, so i don’t think there is one and that could be a problem because hypothesis would help to read/ understand the research.-There is no citation or source from where the author got some “facts” – Seems like she already tested couple before the pandemic. Did she predict the pandemic? Like how she had couples tested pre- pandemic? This is an problem!-What other variables could have affected the couples during pandemic?    – financial?    -how many people live in the household?    -not having health insurance.    -health issues pre- pandemic?She didn’t state any of this and that’s a problem. Participants and procedures.She outsourced, gave money to a company to do the research, she didn’t collect the data herself. Where is the owner who collected the data? Was the person trustworthy with data?Relationship copying- she never detailed what the successful couples did well, like what their coping mechanism was so maybe that could be applied to others.