Write 4 little essays focusing on the following issues: -Divorce; -Separation Agreement; -Calculation of Child Support and Spousal Support;

Write 4 little essays focusing on the following issues:
-Separation Agreement;
-Calculation of Child Support and Spousal Support; and
-Small Claims Court questions.
Each issue writes in one essay!!

The following is the best approach to take from my perspective:

1. Research (google) what legal questions (related to small claims court and family law in Canada) people are trying to find answers to. You can start searching websites of other family law firms and small claims firms and go to their FAQ or BLOG pages and you will find what information they write about. Below is just an EXAMPLE of firms (you can start with them) BUT YOU WILL NEED TO FIND MORE on your own. Make sure it is from ONTARIO!


Research a police department in the United States that has created a program specifically designed to uncover and prevent youth

Research a police department in the United States that has created a program specifically designed to uncover and prevent youth violence in their respective community. Explain in detail the various components of the program and whether or not is has been successful. What ideas can you offer that might enhance the program? [MO6.2] Your paper should be 750 words (approximately 3 pages) in length, not including references. Please use APA format for citations.[supanova_question]

Based on the provided prompt, draft a position statement in response to a filed EEOC charge that was filed Essay

Law Assignment Help Based on the provided prompt, draft a position statement in response to a filed EEOC charge that was filed by an employee against a company for which you are the HR manager. The following must be included:
1. Page Requirement: 5 to 7 pages
2. Font: Times New Roman (11-inch font or 12-inch font)
3. Margins: 1 in. Margins
4. Required pages: Cover Page identifying your name and a title. This will NOT be counted as part of your page requirement.
5. Line Spacing: Double-Spaced
6. Page numbers (located at the footer)

Prompt: Assume you are the HR Manager for the law firm, WeLitigate, LLC. (“Firm”). The Firm is an Equal Opportunity employer and makes all decisions without regard to sex, national origin, race, religion, color, age, or disability status. One day, you receive a copy of an EEOC charge from one of the employees, Melissa R. (“Employee”). The EEOC charge states that the basis for the complaint is discrimination based on National Origin. The employee states that she was passed up for a promotion opportunity by her department’s manager due to her National Origin. In the EEOC charge, the employee identified an associate attorney and department manager making comments about her Jamaican descent. Another fellow employee was promoted instead.
You are tasked with drafting a position statement in response to the employee’s EEOC charge defending the manager’s decision to not provide the employee a promotion. The following facts will provide assistance in drafting your position statement:
• Employee was hired on October 1, 2020 and is an hourly employee.
• Employee was hired as a file clerk in the Family Law department of the Firm. A file clerk’s duties entails maintaining paper or electronic records, including correspondence, receipts, contracts, and invoices, to ensure that information is easy to locate when it’s needed. They organize and file documents, retrieve data, and upload electronic files.
• Employee has a bachelor’s degree in English. However, she has no previous legal experience.
• On May 1, 2021, there was an open position for paralegal in the Family Law Department. The position of paralegal entails performing substantive and procedural legal work as authorized by law, which work, in the absence of the paralegal, would be performed by an attorney. Paralegals have knowledge of the law gained through education, or education and work experience, which qualifies them to perform legal work.
• The fellow employee who received the promotion recently gradated from University of Miami’s Paralegal Program. He has also been at the firm for 3 years.
• The University of Miami’s Paralegal program entails focusing on preparing the student with foundational legal knowledge, court procedures, how to conduct legal research and drafting legal documents.
• While the fellow employee who received the promotion has been known to be an excellent worker, he has also been known to say sexist comments to fellow file clerks including the employee.
• The fellow employee who received the promotion and the department manager are very close friends outside of work. They are both of Puerto Rican descent.
• In the past, there have been instances of file clerks being promoted to paralegal in which some have been of Puerto Rican descent.
• On April 5, 2021, the employee and an attorney who works at the firm were engaged in a conversation about a client’s file. The attorney told the employee that the client was of Jamaican descent and was not clear of US Laws. In an off-hand remark, the attorney further stated that his interactions with clients with Jamaican descent has not always been positive. In response, the employee stated that she was of Jamaican descent and did not appreciate his comment. The attorney does not have hiring or firing authority. No further actions were taken in regards to this conversation.
• For her 6 month employment review, on or about March 2021, the employee received average reviews for her work so far. She has had consistent tardiness and has been known to have internal conflict with her fellow file clerks within her department.
• When asked about the employee’s reputation, the following has been said by various co-workers:
o “She is very difficult to work with since she acts like she knows everything.”
o “She is really nice! I love working with her since she makes me laugh all the time.”
o “She is good at filing but she is always late for work.”
o “While she is good at what she does, she seems to have a hard time getting along with people.”
o “She is great at filing, but she doesn’t really understand the legal lingo or the law.”
o “Unfortunately, she is not well versed in the substance of the law and gets confused very easily.”
• The employee received stellar reviews from a client regarding locating her file. However, the client did explain that the employee was unable to provide her information on her actual case since she was not well versed in the law.
• The employee heard from a fellow employee that the department manager made an off-hand remark about her tardiness and it being attributed to her being Jamaican. However, the department manager denied making this comment.


– JUVENILE JUSTICE 4-unit examinations, 4 Writing Assignments and 1 final examination- Successfully pass with 95% or higher

Complete all below with a with 95% or higher grade 1) 4 separate exams- Each exam is 25 multiple choice questions 2) 4 separate writing assignments- Each writing assignment has to be: 350 – 500 words or 1 – 2 pages Be typed double-spaced, using a standard font and 12-point type size A.P.A. style citations in writing assignments 3) 1 final exam- (will be uploaded last- all other course work must be completed and uploaded 1st before exam is released) 100 question multiple choice questions 4) Successfully pass with 95% or higher[supanova_question]