Word view on culture

First, in your words, draw from course material and any individual research you may conduct, and define worldview. Consider different societal and cultural factors that influence a worldview. Provide some key examples. Select key themes in what we have discussed this semester that influence a person’s worldview. This can include gender identity, sexual orientation, racial identity, and ethnic identity, but is not limited to these identities.•    Be sure to also answer the following questions. o    At the beginning of the semester, what was your worldview? How (and why) did it transform? In what ways specifically?o    What theories or concepts in the course supported or transformed your worldview?o    How would you define your worldview now? Be specific. How does it fall in the three multicultural competencies: awareness of one’s own culture, understanding others’ worldviews, and development of culturally appropriate interpersonal skills? Answer each of these as a whole and separately. •    Finally, how has your perception of global psychology and the presence of a global society of humans changed?Paper Organization Requirements: APA Style 7th edition  •    Pagination •    Running head•    Citations! (No citations= plagiarism)•    References page •    Title page •    NO ABSTRACT!