Women Healthcare Issues

Skills: 1. Practice the social aspects of the writing process by critiquing your own work and the work of your colleagues. 2. Analyze how style, audience, social context, and purpose shape your writing in electronic and print spaces. 3. Craft diverse types of texts to extend your thinking and writerly voice across styles, audiences, and purposes.Assignment Guidelines: For this final multi-draft writing assignment, you will compose an academic essay on a topic of interest to you that we covered in class this semester.It must deal with one of the topics we covered this semester. Women’s right (feminisms) Racism Social issues LGBTQ issuesThis paper will be a traditional argumentative essay, but you can be creative in how you approach it, so long as you: Keep the tone formal (no slang or informal language, text messaging language, etc.) Avoid excessive and unnecessary use of personal pronouns. Apply all the elements of rhetoric that we covered this semester.  Use credible and reliable sources from the following