what Is The Rationale Underpinning Individualised Support Planning And Delivery? In Your Mba Essay Help

What is the rationale underpinning individualised support planning and delivery? In your answer, outline the basic principles of:
person-centred practice;
strengths-based practice; and
active support.
Explain two forms of documentation and their reporting requirements.
Outline some of the roles and responsibilities of the following people involved in an aged care facility, as well as the communication between them:
Carers and family
person being supported
health professionals
individual workers
What are three service delivery models for aged care?
Outline legal and ethical requirements applied in an organisation and individual practice, include in your answer:
Privacy and confidentiality
duty of care
dignity of risk
human rights
mandatory reporting
work role boundaries including responsibilities and limitations
For the following two examples that affect people requiring support, explain the associated impact:
Impaired strength and unsteadiness
Using a wheelchair
Outline at least three practices that could be used to support skill maintenance and development of an aged care support worker.
List at least three indicators of unmet needs and ways of responding to each.
List at four risk management considerations and ways to respond to identified risks.