What do scholars mean and how does this align with your experience?

Using these resources write a response to the prompts below citing material you have read in class (review). Then write your reflections on this prompt. There must be at least 3 cited sources. You may submit these in any order you prefer. Each assignment is 4-5 pages in length, 1” margins, double-spaced, Times New Roman 12pt font. These are the prompts:   a) Review (2-3 pages) explain how a particular reading(s) answers one of the following questions PER CC paper assignment:  1) What does Whiteness and White privilege mean sociologically? 2) Explain Critical Race Theory (what do scholars mean and how does this align with your experience) 3) How might the meanings of race change in the US? 4) How will racial justice movements like BLM continue to affect US society? 5) What do sociologists mean by ‘systemic racism’?    b) Reflection (1-2 pages) share your reflections on this question. Does the scholarly explanation comport with your understanding or experience? How is it similar or different? Do you have an example?  *NOTE: when completing part 1) be sure to CITE the particular reading by stating the author and page number (e.g. “As Healey et al. (234) states…”).