Week 1 Discussion

Please state your name or what you prefer to be called? Where are you originally from? Where are you currently residing? What are your interests outside of academic coursework? What are 3 learning goals you have for this course (Note: These should be specific to the course, rather than, “doing as well as you can, learning as much as you are able, getting the highest grade possible, or being a course closer to the end of your degree,” all of which are goals students typically have for any course). Get to know your fellow classmates by reading and replying to one or more introductions in a reply or replies. The purpose of this portion of the Week 1 Discussion is to interact with others in class and develop a collaborative learning community.PART 2In an “initial post”, react to the following statement: Organizational Behavior has been an evolving topic that has impacted the business community. What is the definition of Organizational Behavior and why is the field important? Select two theoretical perspectives that have contributed to the development of the field.  Explain the theory compare and contrast the influence of these theories in the field. How has the field evolved over the last 50 years?