Walmart and employees

6% in 2016 to 57% in 2021. The turnover issue of retail employees affects not only their parent companies, but also the broader US economy as the sector employs 20% of US employees. It negatively affects operational procedures and deprives businesses of important human resources. Constant recruiting and employee training can raise operation costs drastically. Consistent turnover also hinders corporations from upscaling and gaining competitive advantages. Additionally, high employee turnover can also impact workplace culture and morale, leading to overall lower productivities. One of the main reasons retail workers quit their jobs are lack of motivation and growth, as well as less than ideal compensation packages.SMART scope solution: Employers can design an employee recognition program to motivate employees and reward hard work. This program will be piloted at Walmart U.S. Each retail employee will have at least 1 one-on-one meetings with a senior manager within their first month of employment. The meeting will be used to discuss current feedback and long-term professional goals. A bi-annual employee recognition program will be awarded to the top 10% performer based on their KPI (attendance rate, customer satisfaction rate, and direct report feedback). Winners will be awarded with a 2% bonus on their annual salary. The program will be deployed at Walmart from Jan 1st 2023 until Dec 31st 2023. The program will launch in the US only and enroll 200k associates initially.Please expand on the SMART scope solution. 1. first two paragraphs : create an introduction on the issue  presented (the problem)2. second part of first page and second page: expand on the idea of the employee recognition program The report should demonstrate how to use project tools to collectively communicate your ideas to senior management, the project team, and stakeholders. Proper grammar, spelling, and formatting are necessary for clarity and will be graded.2 formal APA citations listed on the bottom DO NOT CITE ON THE ESSAY ONLY PUT REFERENCES ON THE BOTTOM