Visual Analysis of an ad

A rhetorical analysis looks at the relationship between the text and the author and uses close reading and analysis to break out components of the text with the purpose of figuring out how it works. In this assignment, we’ll focus on advertisements; you’ll be asked to look at a specific advertisement to see how it works and to see how it tries to sell the product/service it is advertising, and then you’ll discuss the ad within the context of your essay. You are required to use 1 source in addition to your advertisement, so you can feel free to incorporate this source use where you see fit in the context of your own essay. For example, you could research some background information on the company that is advertising the product in your advertisement. Or, you could research some information on the person or product who is present in your advertisement. A Few Specifics:3 pages of text (not including the title page, references page, or the ad image if you include it)12 pt. font1” margins, typed, double-spaced1 credible sourceAPA documentation style and page formatting for all pagesList the source and the advertisement you choose on a separate references page cited in APA format and placed on a separate page at the end of your essayUse in-text citations for any selections you use from any sources used; whether you paraphrase, summarize or directly quote them Assignment Resources:Lecture on Rhetorical Appeals (Logos, Ethos, Pathos): (Links to an external site.)How to Write a rhetorical analysis: (Links to an external site.)Organization of a rhetorical analysis: Note on Essay Organization:The introduction of this essay should provide the title of the advertisement, indicate what product/service it is selling, include some background information about it if needed, and a summary of what the advertisement actually looks like (its features). The last part of your introduction should be your statement/your thoughts on how the advertisement tries to sell the product using rhetorical appeals, such as logos, ethos and pathos (see link to an overview of these appeals below).The body of your essay should discuss the advertisement in detail, picking out specific parts of it (the rhetorical appeals logos, ethos, pathos, images, color, words, hidden messages, etc.) and how these parts work together to sell the product/service. This should be based on your own personal reading of the advertisement; your ideas.The conclusion to your essay should wrap up your discussion on how the advertisement attempts to sell the product/service and your main points of discussion.