Types of businesses analytic approaches

Your response MUST properly cite any external, secondary sources used to develop your response and MUST answer the question.BackgroundThere are basically four types of analytic approaches that aid businesses;DescriptiveDiagnosticPredictivePrescriptiveQuestion to answer1. Select one (1) of the analytic approaches from the above list.2. Research, develop and write a three (3) page paper that provides the reader with a broad but, detailed explanation of the analytic approach you have selected.3. The paper should address the following:o Provide a definition of the analytic approach (be sure to properly cite your sources)o What question(s) does the analytic approach you selected help businesses to answer?o The analytic approach you selected is useful to show things like…? Meaning…provide specific example(s) of the analytic approach “in action” e.g., example(s) of the analytic approach being applied to addressing/solving a business problem.