two pages essay about Great Depression

Democrats dominated presidential politics in the years following the Great Depression, but by the 1980s their majority had begun to fade.Explain how two of the following contributed to their loss of influence: the decline of labor unions, suburbanization, and deindustrialization.Instruction:For the citation, you must put the material in your own words or quote it, and give credit to the source. Essay should be at least two 8 1/2″ x 11″ pages in length. Use the reading that is uploaded in the files, for additional information, you can use other sources, including anything on the Internet but it should be credible and quality.• Has a clear thesis-this is a one-sentence answer to the question that you are trying to prove.Usually it should be in your first paragraph.• Gives sufficient evidence to support the thesis• Analyzes the evidence to connect it to the thesis• Answers all parts of the question• Is well structured with an introduction, body and conclusionDemonstrate an understanding of change over time in the context of industrialization and the growth of the modern state.Construct an argument and support it using historical evidence.