This is a research paper that must include information from my research proposal, and use information from my annotated Essay

This is a research paper that must include information from my research proposal, and use information from my annotated bibliography. I have already begun trying to write the paper but it needs a lot of work. I have separated them into categories that I think should exist but I am not married to them. The literature review is stated to be worth half of the paper so it must be solid. I need a great opening for the paper that really captures the audience so if you can create that, I would greatly appreciate it. Must be apa format.
This is what is stated that is needed for the lit review: Your literature review will survey scholarly
articles, books, and other sources relevant to your research question. The
review should enumerate, describe, summarize, objectively evaluate and
clarify this previous research. It should give a theoretical base for the
research and help you (the author) refine and revise your research
question, claims, and arguments. The literature review acknowledges the
work of previous researchers and assures the reader that your work has
been well conceived. You will be asked to include a reference list with a
minimum of 15 sources for your literature review.

This is what is stated needed for the research paper:
The central argument is sustained throughout the essay using succinct and precise language while maintaining a unified structure that is appropriate to the audience and subject.

The student demonstrates an ability to use transition signals to increase the reader’s comprehension of the central argument.

The paper addresses the complexity of the student’s arguments, and the student’s writing shows a high degree of attention to logic and reasoning of points. The student uses appropriate, relevant, and compelling content to illustrate mastery of the subject.

Their interpretation is insightful and persuasive and displays an extraordinary depth of thought.
Sentences are all clear, with excellent use of grammar, spelling, syntax, and punctuation.

The student is fully aware of their audience and writes in a clear and accessible style suited to the purpose.

The paper is compelling and holds the reader’s interest. The student’s introduction is compelling and focuses interest on the writer’s arguments. It provides appropriate context for the paper’s subject and arguments

The student’s thesis statement articulates a well-articulated, narrowly tailored, and specific position. The thesis also takes the complexities of the chosen topic into account by articulating the limits of their position.

The paper contains a clear roadmap that reflects the paper’s main arguments and structure.

Overall, the thesis statement captures the evidence and analysis presented throughout the paper. All paragraphs have relevant ideas, are supported with research and examples, and have smooth and clear transitions from one idea to the next.
The paper is thoroughly researched, with inferences drawn from peer-reviewed, relevant, and credible sources.

The research appropriately supports the student’s arguments.

The student analyzes and addresses competing views and nuances in their research, and develops a comprehensive synthesis of ideas.

Sources are exceptionally well-integrated
The student’s Conclusion and related outcomes are clear, logical, and reflect the student’s informed evaluation of the subject.

The student demonstrates mastery in summarizing their key arguments and thinking about the consequences or implications of their research or chosen subject.