The role of technological progress in the development of music

3 sources minimum2 sources must be “print worthy”. Find more details at What Sources Are Acceptable?Include both a Title Page and Works Cited PageThe Title Page includes the title, your name, course number, instructor, and date and/or semesterYour list of Works Cited should be arranged alphabeticallyUse the MLA style for formatting citations (MLA is used for writing about the humanities)Use footnotes OR inline citations; you must include at least ONE proper citation in the body of your workCheck out How to Cite a QuoteTyped (Times New Roman or equivalent), double space; 1 inch indent for all marginsYou must include your name and title on the first page of your paper (as well as on the Title Page)Put PAGE NUMBERS on each pagePROOFREAD your final draft before submission. Writing a research paper is a formal academic exercise; presentation and appearance form an integral part of the final product. Neatness counts.While I am easy-going on grammar usage (etc), if I have a lot of trouble trying to make sense of your work, I will dock points!Remember: The opinions and conclusions of your paper are presumed to be yours unless they are properly cited (if they are not yours and not cited, it IS plagiarism, intended or not).Use citations and quotation marks appropriately! When in doubt, cite it (better safe than sorry).please use at least one of these sources:Sources:1.”The Value of a Music History Survey”  Citation: Burkholder, J Peter. “The Value of a Music History Survey.” Journal of music history pedagogy 5.2 (2015): 57–63. Print.2.”Reconsidering Undergraduate Music History: Some Introductory Thoughts”  Citation: Reconsidering Undergraduate Music History: Some Introductory Thoughts3.”Teaching Music History at National Taiwan University: Western Music in a World Context”Citation: Chen, Jen-yen. “Teaching Music History at National Taiwan University: Western Music in a World Context.” Journal of music history pedagogy 4.2 (2014): 325–328. Print.4.”Music and technology : a historical encyclopedia / James E. Perone.”Citation: Perone, James E. Music and Technology : a Historical Encyclopedia / James E. Perone. [1st edition.]. Santa Barbara: Greenwood, 2022. Print.5.”Music and technology in the twentieth century / edited by Hans-Joachim Braun.”Citation: Braun, Hans-Joachim. Music and Technology in the Twentieth Century / Edited by Hans-Joachim Braun. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2002. Print.