The police and law enforcement

Write a 1-page (250-word) essay, following the prompt below: Research the history of policing. Select an individual who has had major impact on policing in America (Sir Robert Peel, August Vollmer, O.W. Wilson, etc.) and conduct research on him or her on the Internet, then prepare a short biography of your selected practitioner. Discuss the impact your policing professional has had on law enforcement in the United States. You may use someone mentioned in the book, or go beyond those practitioners mentioned in the text — for example, consider having them select the first women to work as patrol officers, or the first minority members to hold administrative positions in the field.Use concepts from the book, and cite any external materials.How to Cite Online SourcesGrade Distribution:50 points.Spelling, grammar, structure, etc. will impact your grade. They are not specifically marked, but your ability and effort in making a logical and coherent argument matter.Reply