The NCAA Enforces Penalties in College Athletics

For each case write a two to three page single spaced Times New Roman font of 11 or 12 critical analysis/summary followed by the answering of the questions included in the book (the questions should take at least 1 additional page to answer). Your submission in Canvas must be a minimum of three full pages. Failing to complete the minimal requirement in terms of length will result in a severe deduction. Please be detailed in your explanations. Do not plagiarize. Students caught plagiarizing will receive an automatic F for the course. Cases must be submitted in the assignment section of the course website. You will create your case in MS Word; however, and you will attach the document when submitting it in the assignment area. Case should be submitted in advance of the due date. The case must not be plagiarized (rewriting someone else’s ideas in by changing the words is still plagiarism), should demonstrate your analytical abilities to critically discuss the relevance of case, present an appropriate and in-depth summary, identify and analyze all relevant issues at stake, identify the ramifications of the events discussed in the case both locally and industry wide, identify the prevailing ethical culture of the organizations, reflect upon the solution presented, make suggestions for what could have been in place as a preventative measure, reference course concepts discussed in the course with appropriate citations to resources, and make suggestions for the future, etc…. Following the analysis is the answering of the questions posed in the book for the case. The question themselves should be appropriately numbered and retyped as well as include in-depth answers. The cases make up a fairly significant portion of your grade for the term. Failing to submit a case is a zero that you do not want to receive. Please refer to the due dates. The rubric below represents the grading instrument that I will be using to assess your cases. The rubric very clearly, and in a detailed manner, outlines in full all performance expectations for the cases.