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The map below depicts likely changes in the distribution of biomes if current trends in global warming persist.
Questions: Please answer all the questions (a through c) below.
Use the map below to describe three of the anticipated changes in the distribution of biomes in the future. In your answer, please make sure to refer to geographical locations (e.g., countries or regions; feel free to use a map of the world to assist you with this answer).
Given what you had learned in weeks 1 through 4, list two challenges that organisms may face when biome shifts occur?
Describe 2 socioeconomic ecological services that could be impacted if these changes in biomes occur?
Answer Guidelines:
Question a) – this short answer must be written in your own words and should be approximately Three hundred words in length.
The answer to question (a) should be written in a paragraph format (please don’t use bullet points)
The answers to questions (b and c) can be in point form.
The map below illustrates likely changes over the next century in the distribution of general biome types if current trends in global warming prevail. Please see the legend that identifies the types of biome shifts categorized by gains, losses, changes, and improvements (greening/amelioration). The light gray/tan regions indicate areas where biomes are expected to remain the same.

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