The lessons we take from obstacles we encounter can be fundamental to later success. Recount

Grateful to the red cross who gave us two nights at a hotel. Couldn’t wait for the school year to finish because juggling school and coming home to nothing was a struggle. Suddenly your day isn’t filled with homework and after school activities. It’s filled with the aftermath of learning you can’t make tea in the morning because you don’t have a tea pot to make hot water or a microwave to warm up your water. My mom, who decided to leave my father just earlier in the year, made a lot of smart decisions, has a lot of friends, an honest job paying bills, and putting food on the table,  was able to get an apartment close by. We spent the summer rebuilding our new home. I learned responsibility, to be the man of the house at a young age. Spent the summer helping my mom buy dinnerware, cutlery, bed frame, bathroom necessities, and everything that makes a house a home. I was juggling 4 mentorships, student government, and soccer while rebuilding my home. Something I imagined only doing 1.5 year later in preparation of dorming. Being in the present and acting fast to get out of the house with your emergency items like passport, socials etc prepared me to live in the moment and enjoy the small details we choose to create in life. THINGS IVE LEARNED — I could easily fall apart after something very traumatic. But I chose to persevere and push through because I don’t want any disability to stop me from moving forward. That summer I learned to cook, it was a joint venture many nights with my mom. She after a long day of work, me after a long day of school. It was something we looked forward to do together. I wanted to help her because the fire was something we both went through. Material possessions could always be replaced but memories are something that are ingrained and something you create.