The Change Management Intervention Proposal

Change Management Intervention Proposal, Part One * Choose the topic for your OD project. Remember, an OD project is not project management, rather, it is Human Change Management. Please do not choose a technical challenge for your OD project unless you identify the underlying human challenges.* Choose the organization that will be the client. Use a real organization with real challenges. Identify the problem and diagnostic plan.* Submit a three to five-page proposal that describes the organization and the challenge, clarifies the organizational issue (chapter 2), identifies the magnitude of the organizational issue (chapter 2), lists the stakeholders, and identifies the type of change model proposed (chapter 2).* Be sure to describe to describe the diagnostic plan. How will you diagnose the organization and the design components (chapter 4)? Describe how the external consultant (you) will be involved in the project. For example, how do you plan to collect data?STANDARDS:Gather information from the textbook and outside sources. In regards to formatting, please use APA style as follows: YOU MUST use Times New Roman 12-point font, double line spacing and 1 inch margins. Please do not use extra spacing between paragraphs. No headings or subheadings and refrain from overuse of short paragraphs. The paper length below refers to your original written textual content in paragraph for. Title pages, abstracts, long quotes, bulleted lists, tables, charts, graphs, pictures, references sections etc. are not considered as part of your page length. These are added to enhance the paper as outlined in the rubric and should be placed in the appendices, not in the body of the paper. Please cite all sources with in-text citations and a references section at the end of the paper followed by the appendices.