Term Paper

Students need a thematic argument and two main points which support that argument.In this assignment, students are encouraged to engage with the manga or anime materials of interest to them, using the critical methods learned in the class, to bring a new perspective to their view of a popular culture text or texts.Therefore, students must use at least one scholarly work to support their arguments or supporting points. Students can use the recommended readings.The length of the paper is 1200-1500 4.  Structure of the term paper[A title for the paper that encapsulates your main idea] Introduction: Please write your argument; what do you think is the main theme of the anime/manga? Why the theme stands out for you? (Please focus on only one theme) Main Body: Two main supporting points–Those two points must support your argument.–Those two points must be analysis of the narrative. (Please do NOT talk about manga/cinema/anime techniques.)Conclusion: Restate your argument and explain clearly how the main supporting points help support your argument.