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In this part of the lab, you will write a program that fetches the information stored at a given URL on the web and saves that data to a file. This will also include networking and file operations and partly an exercise in using exceptions.For doing I/O, Java has a pair of nice abstractions: InputStream and OutputStream. These are abstract classes in the package An InputStream is a place from which you can read data; an OutputStream is a place to which you can write data. For this lab, you use an InputStream to represent the data read from the Web URL, and you will use an OutputStream to represent the file where you want to save a copy of the data. Once you have the streams, the data can be copied just by calling the following method, which you can copy into your program:private static void copyStream(InputStream in, OutputStream out)throws IOException {int oneByte =;while (oneByte >= 0) { // negative value indicates end-of-streamout.write(oneByte);oneByte =;}}Aside from this method, you should have a main routine that does the following:
Declare variables to represent the InputStream and the OutputStream. It would be a good idea to initialize them to null to avoid uninitialized variable errors.
Read the URL and the file name as strings from the user.
To connect to the web, you need a variable — say url — of type URL (from package You can create the URL object with the constructor call url = new URL(urlString), where urlString is the string provided by the user. This constructor will throw a MalformedURLException if the string is not a legal URL. (Note: the string must be a to complete URL, beginning with “http://”.)
To get the input stream, you can simply call url.openStream(), which returns a value of type InputStream. This can throw an IOException, for example, if the web address that you are asking for does not exist.
To get the output stream, you can use the constructor new FileOutputStream(fileName), where fileName is the file name that was input by the user. This can throw a FileNotFoundException if it is not possible to open the specified file for reading (for example, if the user is trying to create a new file in a directory where they don’t have written permission). Warning: If a file of the same name already exists, the old file will be erased and replaced by the new one, without giving the user any notice!
Now, copy the data from the web into the file by calling the above method. Note that this can throw an IOException.
Lastly, use a finally to clause to make sure that both streams are closed (if they were successfully opened). Both InputStream and OutputStream have a close() method for closing the stream. Note that you can test whether the stream was opened by testing whether the value of the variable is still null.
Note that an exception should not crash your program. You should catch the exception and print out a reasonable error message before ending the program. It would be nice if the error message depends on the type of error that occurred (which means using several catch clauses).

hello There, The Code Is Almost Done, But I’m Getting These Errors My Assignment Essay Help London

Hello there, the code is almost done, but I’m getting these errors in Matrix. The files need to run in Matrix matching the professor’s output.

(The real problem is that in Visual Studio I can run it perfectly and in Matrix I can’t)
Thank you in advance !

Hero.cpp: In constructor ‘sdds::Hero::Hero()’: Hero.cpp:12:32: error: ‘strcpy’ was not declared in this scope strcpy(this->heroName, “None”); ^ Hero.cpp: In constructor ‘sdds::Hero::Hero(const char*, sdds::Power*, int)’: Hero.cpp:19:30: error: ‘strcpy’ was not declared in this scope strcpy(this->heroName, name); ^ main_prof.cpp: In function ‘void displayDetails(const sdds::Hero*, int)’: main_prof.cpp:104:21: error: passing ‘const sdds::Hero’ as ‘this’ argument of ‘std::ostream

please Read The Instructions And Download The Application Digital And Help With My Assignment Essay Help London

please read the instructions and download the application digital and help with tasks 1 and 2, they must be done on the application

use the digital application!!!

Task 1: Learning design with Digital by design of XOR
Make the schematic (circuit) for an XOR gate using Inverter (NOT), AND, and OR gates. After compilation, repeat the process for practice purposes — This time using only NAND gates. After completion of each step, run the simulation and analysis to show each part working correctly. Also, please show how you determined the sum-of-product form and the design. Make sure you show the input and output results.

Task 2: Multiplexer
Make a two variable multiplexer. However, do not do it from the multiplexer menu. Instead, make it using basic logic NOT gates, AND gate(s), and OR gate(s).

program Essentials [5 Marks]hint For Finding The Index Of The Largest Element:have Professional Essay Help

Program essentials [5 marks]Hint for finding the index of the largest element:Have an integer variable for the index of the largest value (let’s call it “lix”) and set it to the firstelement in the array (ie zero). Loop through the rest of the array comparing each element with theelement at the index “lix”, if the current element is larger than the one at the index “lix”, update “ix”to the index of the current one. When loop is done “ix” will hold the index of the largest double inthe array.Outout samblePlease enter number or doubles values;Please enter the values:1> 12342> 34.5624 444> 1.3values entered:1: 12.342: 34.56 <- Largest34.444: 1.3

***(geometry: Area Of A Triangle) A Program That Prompts The User To Writing An Essay Help

***(Geometry: area of a triangle) a program that prompts the user to enter thethree points (x1, y1), (x2, y2), and (x3, y3) of a triangle and displays its area.The formula for computing the area of a triangle is

***Financial application: calculate future investment value ) a program thatreads in an investment amount, the annual interest rate, and the number of years,and displays the future investment value using the following formula:futureInvestmentValue = investmentAmount * (1 monthlyInterestRate)numberOfMonths

***(Turtle: draw a circle) a program that prompts the user to enter thecenter and radius of a circle, and then displays the circle and its area.

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Image transcription text
OOP244 Midterm, Winter 2020 Page 3 of 12 4- Explain what memory leak is and how to prevent it. [2 MARKS] 5- When do you have to implement an operator function as a helper? [2 MARKS] 6- Write the piece of code/s you need to prohibit copying and/or copy assigning of a class named Book? [4 MARKS]
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Use The Following Specification To Code A Complete C Module Named Pickingorder: Essay Help Site:edu

Use the following specification to code a complete C module named PickingOrder: enum class BagSize { FiveLB, TenLB, FifteenLB, TwentyLB }; This module represent a guest that comes to an orchard to pick apples directly from trees. Basic Details Your PickingOrder class includes at least the following data members: the address of a C-style null-terminated string of client-specified length that holds the guest name (composition relationship). Valid Name: any string that starts with an upper-case letter. the size of the bag using one of the enumeration constants defined above, defaulting to FiveLB. Public Member Functions Default constructor A custom constructor that receives as parameters: the size of the bag (optional); the address of a C-style null-terminated string containing the guest name. If the parameters are valid, this constructor stores them in the current object’s instance variables. If the client has omitted the bag-size input argument, this constructor assumes that the treatment type is FifteenLB. A function named getPrice. If the current object is not in an empty state, this function calculates the price for the order according to the following rules: FiveLB costs 15$, TenLB costs 25$, FifteenLB costs 35$, TwentyLB costs 45$ and returns it to the client. Note: there is an 8$ admission fee going to be added to each order. For example, if the bag-size is FiveLB, then the price is 23$. If the current object is in an empty state, this function should generate an exception with the message “Invalid instance!”. A class function named totalNoOfOrders returns the number of PickingOrder objects that currently exist in the program and have not yet been destroyed. Other Features Include in your design all special member functions required to manage your objects. You are allowed to add as many private members as you see fit. Your design should not generate any memory leaks, should meet the C 17 standard and should apply best practices. Put your answers for the header and implementation files in the answer box.