image Transcription Text 3. Sebutkan Contoh Penggunaan Analisis Varian Dalam Kehidupan Kite Admission College Essay Help

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3. Sebutkan contoh penggunaan analisis varian dalam kehidupan kite sehari-hari dan sertaken contoh perhitungannya! Penggunaan analisis varian dalam kehidupan sehari-hari misalnya untuk menguji apakah terdapat perbedaan ketelitian due jenis alet ukur, atau menguji apakah rata-rate umur mesin bubut dengan merek tertentu akan sama dengan rata-rate umur mesin bubut merek lain, atau menguji apakah rata-rate oksigen penyerapan jagung hibride akan sama dengan rata-rata penyerapan oksigen tanaman jagung lokal. Contoh perhitungen : Tiga orang bekerja pade tugas yang same yaitu mengerjakan pembungkusan berang. Banyaknya berang yang digunakan oleh masing-masing orang tersebut pade berbagai saat yang berbede-bede ditunjukkan oleh tabel di bawah ini : Orang Jam Kerja 11.00 – 12.00 24 20 13.00 – 14.00 23 14 16.00 – 17.00 5 21 Hitunglah variasi antar

image Transcription Text 4.6 Figure P4.6 Shows A Continuous Foundation. A. If Essay Help Site:edu

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4.6 Figure P4.6 shows a continuous foundation. a. If H = 1.5 m. determine the ultimate bearing capacity q ,. b. At what minimum value of H/B will the clay layer not have any effect on the ultimate bearing capacity of the foundation? Sand 1.2 m 71 = 18 kN/m’ d’= 40 1=0 – B = 2 m H Clay 72 = 17 kN/m d, =0

image Transcription Text 4 (25 Marks): Determine The Principal Stresses And Essay Help Service

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Question 4 (25 marks): Determine the principal stresses and maximum in-plane shear stresses at Points Aand B of the below post with the circular hollow cross-section. Hint: You need to first convert the external loadto the internal stresses at points A and B. Then, use stress transformation concept to work out i… Show more… Show more

why Are No Elcertical Specifications Shown On The Plan On Sheet E-1? Instant Essay Help

Why are no elcertical specifications shown on the plan on Sheet E-1?

What information is given in the note at the top right corner of the plans on Sheet E-1?

What ALT. mean?

Who decides the exact locations of wiring and conduit?

What do the hash marks on the circuit line represent?

Where is the main circuit breaker located?

1. What kind of lighting does a triangle indicate?
2. What kind of lighting does a circle indicate?

Why should a technician scan (look over or review) the plans before beginning any work?

image Transcription Text _ As Light Penetrated Into A Semiconductor, Write My Essay Help

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_ As light penetrated into a semiconductor, the optical field causes free carriers to drift which in turn scatterand give energy to the lattice through phonons (or lattice vibrations). Thus, energy absorbed from the opticalradiation is passed on to lattice vibrations by fiee carrier absorption, and the optical beam is atten… Show more… Show more

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Question in below pic

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(a) [3 marks] A simple RC series circuit consists of a sinusoidal voltage supply of 150:) = V1m cos(wt) delivered to a resistor R and capacitor C connected in series. Draw and label the circuit diagram for this circuit, showing vs, the reference current i and the capacitor voltage cc. Assign your voltage polarities and reference current direction so that the voltage supply has an active sign convention (ASC) labelling of its reference voltage and current, while the capacitor has a passive sign convention (PSC) labeling of its reference voltage and current. (1)) [5 marks] Assume the circuit has the parameter values Vm = 2 V, w = 100%

1. Match The Style Property With The Text Samples In Figure 12-24. Argumentative Essay Help Online

1. Match the style property with the text samples in FIGURE 12-24.
a. _______ {font-size: 1.5em;}
b. _______ {text-transform: capitalize;}
c. _______ {text-align: right;}
d. _______ {font-family: Verdana; font-size: 1.5em;}
e. _______ {letter-spacing: 3px;}
f. _______ {font: bold italic 1.2em Verdana;}
g. _______ {text-transform: uppercase;}
h. _______ {text-indent: 2em;}
i. _______ {font-variant: small-caps;}
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Lock for the good in others and they’ll see the good in you Look For The Good In Others And They’ll See TheGood In You. Look for the good in others and they’ll see the good in your Look for the good in others andthey’ll see the good in you. Look for the good in others and they’ll see the good in you. Look for t… Show more… Show more
2. Here is a chance to get a little practice writing selectors. Using the diagram
shown in FIGURE 12-25, write style rules that make each of the elements
described here red (color: red;). Write the selector as efficiently
as possible.
a. All text elements in the document
b. h2 elements
c. h1 elements and all paragraphs
d. Elements belonging to the class special
e. All elements in the “intro” section
f. strong elements in the “main” section
g. Extra credit: just the paragraph that appears after an h2

image Transcription Text given: A Set Of Four Forces And Two Couples College Essay Help Free

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Given: A set of four forces and two couples act on the bracket shown below. Find: For this problem: a)Determine the equivalent force-couple system at H. b) Determine the equivalent force-couple system at B.Express your answers as vectors in terms of M, P and d. 2P d D E 6d H B 2M C 4d… Show more

1. Suppose That Program Prog(x, Y, Z) Accepts Three Parameters X, Y, College Essay Help Near Me

1. Suppose that program prog(x, y, z) accepts three parameters x, y, and z, each of which is a one-byte (8-bit) unsigned integer (that is, a nonnegative integer). The program prog is supposed to calculate and then print the value of x y-z. However, there is a fault in the program such that when the input is (x=50, y=10, z=1), the output of prog is 100. Suppose that for all other input values, the output of prog is correct. If random testing is performed, what is the probability of discovering this fault? Explain your answer.

2. Define a test obligation for program prog above, and a test suite which satisfies this test obligation.
3. Assume that the context is testing self-driving cars. For each of the FOUR dependability qualities discussed in this subject, provide an example to explain its meaning and the relation among those dependability qualities in this specific context. Your examples must be specific to this case study