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Mitochondria is an important cellular organelle in the production of ATP. Mitochondrial membrane potential is a measurement of proton motive force (PMF), any disruption to mitochondrial membrane potential is detrimental to the cellular functions especially in the loss of ATP production.

1) Based on your understanding on proton motive force, discuss why disruption of mitochondrial membrane potential can lead to loss of ATP production.
2)In aerobic respiration, complete oxidation takes place when the full functional electron transport system works. Determine the number of ATP produced from the complete oxidation of glucose when the glycerol-phosphate shuttle system works (include calculation pls)


Complete oxidation of glucose also involves Kreb’s cycle, whereby it can be both catabolic and anabolic pathways. By using suitable examples, name three molecules that are synthesized using Kreb’s cycle intermediates (your answer must include the corresponding intermediates). Then, explain one strategy to sustain the continuation of Kreb’s cycle

the Degradation Of Amino Acids Can Provide Cells With Energy. However, A My Essay Help Uk

The degradation of amino acids can provide cells with energy. However, a complication of the use of amino acids as a fuel is that the amino group must be disposed of. Include in each of your calculations below the further processing of any reduced coenzymes produced in the electron transport chain and the resulting ATP produced by oxidative phosphorylation. Assume a P/O ratio of 2.5 for NADH and a P/O ratio of 1.5 for FADH2. Show all your working.
. For glutamate:
i) Calculate the nett energy yield in ATP equivalents of separating its carbon skeleton from its amino group and name the reaction.
ii) Name the carbon skeleton produced.
iii) Assume the carbon skeleton enters the TCA cycle. Calculate for one molecule* of the carbon skeleton the nett energy yield in ATP equivalents for the breakdown of this carbon skeleton up to the point at which acetyl-CoA is required.
iv) Calculate the nett energy cost in ATP equivalents of the subsequent disposal of the removed amino group referred to in i) in the urea cycle including in your calculation (if relevant) any energy gains from steps required for the amino group that has already been removed from the glutamate to enter the urea cycle (only if such steps are required!) and the subsequent breakdown of any carbon skeleton produced by these steps (only if any are produced!) in the TCA cycle.

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The SWEET science of CANDYMAKING By Tom Husband Here is an easy recipe for you: Heat a cup of water in a saucepan until it boils, add three cups of sugar, and stir with a spoon. Then pour the solution into a glass jar. Dangle a wooden stick into the syrup, and leave it for a few days. When you return, you will find… rock candy. R ack carry has a unique feature. Lets lonn, they clay wares and do not grow Let’s assume we can see sugar at the molesober level. Each grain of sugar caneids ward super that you on crunch and glass candy you need is cool the syrup of a smell ereatal made of an orderly amanga in your mouth. Other cardies quickly to keep crystals from forming ment of malecidas called socmen. Surross come in avaricty of textures: chewy [fudgel. The nalu difference between these types an example of a carbohydrate. The basic gritty [ cotton candy), or hard (glass candy). at candles Is whether sugar crystals are unit of a carbohydrate is a monosaccharide, Given that can dies are all matte with sugar allowed to form and, it so, what their see or simple super, such as glucose or frucause what causes their ladures to be so dilament? . So how do sugar crystals lon, and what Why. 1). Those simple sugars can be Inbed sizes tom mo have sitterem goes when he together in infinite ways Sucres i i disc- Rock candy syrup is cooled down? charice made up of plucien and fourmiss (Fig. 1 and Rip. 21. To make most types of candles you In a sugar crystal, the sucrose molecules always start by dissolving supar in bailing are arranged in a reporting pattern that water. Its tans a sugar syrup, which you extends in all three dimensions, and all of can cool down by taking it all the burger. But these molecules are allracked to sach alter by how pixi cool down the sang can make all the citlannica that hinds molecules together and is wasboy For Instance, if you want to make rock than the bonds bobuson ahomes In a molecule. candy, you need to let the syrup slowly card When you add granulated sugar to water down over many days unil by super crystals some of the sucrase molecules start sepe- lomu But i you want to produce fudge, you reling from one another because they are need is continuously stir the syrup shar an Meal cinchick are made by crashing sugarin alleged to the water mokciss (fig. 3). initial cooling period, so when the sparera. water to form : syrup. When watar and sucrose melies are chen
… Show moreRead this article 1. What is the main point of this article? 2. What can tell from the article related to the ‘main chemical’s’ importance and applications (i.e. how useful is it)? Explain in much more details. Note: When multiple chemicals are described in an article, avoid choosing to describe common substances like water. The ‘main chemical’ (should be unique) 3. How does this article relate to any of the units studied in high school chemistry (grade 11 or 12)? How did these courses help better understand the content of this article? (Canada) 4. For the main chemical, provide the relevant reaction(s) in which they are involved. Also, as appropriate, provide one of the following: -If an organic molecule, draw the molecule. What functional groups are present? What type of organic molecule is it? -If an inorganic molecule, draw the molecule. What is its 3D shape (VSEPR)? -If an element, write out the electron configuration. -If an ionic compound, describe the crystal lattice structure. 5. Describe the chemical reactivity of your chemical in another context (i.e. other types of reactions it might be involved in). 6.Write down a question about the subject matter in the article that you would ask the author if given the opportunity. (Good Example: “Can any other less-expensive metals besides gold and platinum be used in conjunction with lasers to destroy cancer cells?” Bad Example: “Do you like what you do? Is it fun?”) 7. In two sentences, provide a compelling reason that the person reading your review should read the article you selected.

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Please help on these three questions

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Which of the following statements is the best explanation for a metal electrode increasing in mass in anelectrochemical cell? Select one: O Reduction is occurring at the anode, O Reduction is occurring at thecathode. O Oxidation is occurring at the anode. O Oxidation is occurring at the cathode What is t… Show more… Show more

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Trial 1 Trial 2 Trial 3 Mass of 002 produced “0.8893 g _ 0.9434 g ‘ 0.9367 9 Mass of NaH003, g 1.698 g 1.301 g ‘1.7339 Mass of Mica—Seltzer tablet, g 3.02 g 3.11 g l 3.0? g 91. Mass. Nchoa 56.2 57.9 as ‘ 53.2 96 Mean 57.4Standard Devialion 1.06 … Show moreWhat is the limiting and excess reagent in an experiment of NaHCO3 in Alka-Seltzer Tablets
Is your result exact and precise? What is the rationale, or why not?
What does your calculated standard deviation reveal about your experiment’s outcome?
Given the precision and accuracy of your results, can you confidently assert that they are trustworthy? What is the rationale, or why not?

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8.According to the organizational chart, who reports directly to the Director of Athletics, Leon
Costello? Out of those who report to the AD, which positions would be considered top/executive management?
Based on the organizational chart, list three positions in Montana state that would be considered middle management. What is unique about the middle manager in comparison to top management and more entry-level, technical positions?
Montana state seems to have a few open positions (look for the TBDs). Choose one of those positions. Now visit the NCAA Market at and search for that job title (if you cannot find the exact title, pick something similar). Copy and paste the minimum qualifications and main job responsibilities for this position

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Please help on these two questions

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Solvent extraction is a chemical process that can be used to Please put an answer in each box. 12 Use the following information to answer the next question, ed d out ion No catalyst AH IKJS Renotion coordinate The activation energy for the forward, catalyzed reaction is Select one: O III minus I O II minus I O IV minus III O IV minus II
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