Specific aspects of higher education

Both of these “texts” deal with the same topic: The changing field of higher education, the problems associated with those changes, and possible solutions to the problem. You will be writing your essay on a specific aspect of higher education, describing a problem and proposing a solution to that problem. etc. You must use information from Magdalena Kay’s article and you may use information from College Inc. as well.Rather than writing your essay on higher education in general, you are going to want to narrow this topic down considerably. As I wrote above, pick one specific problem associated with higher education today)Now, several of the topics above are still too broad to address in a paper of this length, so you’ll need to narrow them down even more. You will also need to conduct more research for whichever topic you have selected.This essay requires you to summarize, paraphrase, and quote directly from at least Kay’s article. If you wish to use the other class “text,”  or outside research feel free to do so but know that you are limited to four texts in total. You are encouraged to do outside research for this essay to support your topic. Please use the Delta College library’s resources.Since this is a persuasive essay, you will need to develop a thesis, and support your thesis using a well-reasoned argument. Don’t forget that the art of persuasion requires a careful crafting of one’s argument—an argument that keeps its reader (and his or her shaking head) in mind. Down the line, think too about your thesis’s significance: Why is it that what you are arguing and showing is important. Trust me, it is.What this essay is not is one of those tired compare-and-contrast essays you’ve probably written a hundred times already. The majority of this essay should be comprised of your own ideas supported by research. You are using these texts as springboards for your own argument on this topic rather than relying on them to do the arguing for you.This paper should be a minimum of six pages (not including your works cited page) of clear prose, typed, double spaced, ingeniously titled, and page numbered (!). Your final draft is due Wednesday, December 7th.