Smartwatch Market analysis- Samsung

Industry Analysis:You shall cover the following issues for the industry analysis: •    Market structure and Competition•    Profitability and Performance Analysis•    Historical trend analysis•    The role of government •    National and international market comparisonCompany Analysis:You shall cover the followings for the company analysis:•    Brief company profile •    History•    Market share, profitability, and performance analysis•    Corporate governance, principle-agent problem, and incentive structure, and productivity•    Comparative analysis: Strengths and weaknesses compared to its competitors Product Analysis:You shall cover the followings for the company analysis:•    Explain past, present, and future price of the product through the use of demand and supply analysiso    Pricing policy and profit margin o    Factors affecting its pricing and profitabilityo    Demand analysis (use actual data along demand curves)o    Supply analysis (use actual along supply curves)o    Calculate Elasticity (calculate price elasticity of demand, cross price elasticity, and income elasticity) and link to the pricing policy•    Consumer theory and preferences for the product using indifference curve and income•    Cost analysis (ATC, AVC, AFC, MC, sunk cost and optimum uses of capital and labor)•    Revenue analysis (AR, P, MR, TR)•    Profit/loss analysis in the short-run and long-run•    Economic vs accounting cost/profit•    Efficiency analysis (for consumers, producers, and society)