six Years Ago, You Opened A Fitness Centre To Cater To Health-conscious Admission College Essay Help

Six years ago, you opened a Fitness Centre to cater to health-conscious persons of all ages and professions. From a modest beginning that included a 4,500-sq. ft. building and two exercise instructors, you have recently purchased a 35-acre plot of land on which you have constructed a guest lodge and facilities for all types of aerobic and fitness activities.

Your center offers various personalized wellness packages tailored to your clients’ needs, at very competitive costs. There is also a special group rate for companies that register ten employees and over.
One segment of the market you want to tap into is business professionals who know that good health improves productivity, lifestyle, and self-concept.

As the Chief Executive Officer, do a letter to the Human Resource Director of a group of companies marketing your new facilities and the fitness/wellness programs.