Signature Assignment – Treatment Approaches

The assignment in this module represents a 2-part project in which you will research a biomedical or psychosocial treatment indicated for a specific mental disorder. The two parts that you will submit for this assignment are an Executive Summary (referred to as Part 1 below), and an Infographic (noted as Part 2 below). Please read this twice before submitting this assignment and or starting it as I will grade you on comprehend and how well you followed the tasks.

The project will explore and explain:
Why a specific biomedical or psychosocial treatment is indicated for the disorder under discussion and what controlled studies or other acceptable evidence exists to demonstrate effectiveness of this treatment approach as compared to others.
Special considerations in the application of treatment approaches. E.g., for a particular medication, consider potential side-effects or for family therapeutic approaches, consider the need to get family buy-in or best practices when one family member is abusive, or age appropriateness of play therapy.
Cultural considerations: Report the demographic characteristics of participants represented in your peer-reviewed sources on your treatment approach. Are ethnic groups such as African Americans, Native Americans, and Latinos represented in these research studies? In 1-2 sentences, what are the implications of that for a practitioner implementing this treatment approach with a client from one of those groups?
Note: DO NOT! I repeat DO NOT use quotations of other people’s words in any part of this assignment (points will be deducted for use of quoted material in either Parts 1 or 2 of the assignment). Articles referenced should be paraphrased into your own words to demonstrate your understanding and mastery of the content.

Part 1 of this project is a 2-page, single spaced paper on a disorder covered during the course. The intended audience includes your colleagues and stakeholders interested in this topic. The paper should include a problem/needs statement (prevalence and demographic information of groups most affected by the disorder of focus), a summary of the research, special considerations, and cultural considerations. Do not waste time describing the disorder in any detail unless such description is essential for the understanding of the treatment you will discuss. Assume that we all know the signs and symptoms of the disorder and do not need a two-page description of it. Again, you may focus on a disorder that we cover during the course. If you have any doubts or questions, please consult with the instructor. Please use normal APA referencing style for Part-1 of the assignment. * A minimum of 5 peer-reviewed references are required.

IMPORTANT: Before starting the assignment, review this webpage on finding quality evidence as I will assume you have done so and will hold you to that standard when grading your paper:

Part 2 of this project will be an Infographic (1 page) on Part 1 of the assignment, designed for clients and consumers of care. The infographic needs to be visually appealing, informative, and creative. You Have to use something like canva: to make your infographic (templates are ready and you just fill in the content). Your infographic should be developed to engage, educate, and provide resources for the reader. For the infographic citations (a minimum of 5 are required- these may differ or overlap with the sources from Part-1), you may use normal APA referencing style as in Part-1 of the assignment OR, if you find that it interferes visually, you may use a slightly modified style of APA in which you number the references within the infographic but still use APA reference style on a SEPARATE page for the reference list. Here is an example:

Normal APA in-text citation to be used for Part-1 of assignment: The rising hospitalizations and deaths across New York City boroughs (Wadhera et al., 2020).
Modified in-text citation option for Infographic (Part-2 of assignment): The rising hospitalizations and deaths across New York City boroughs ¹.
APA reference list entry (use for both Parts 1