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Short Story Questions
“The Painted Door””New Houses”
“The Thing That Grows in the Gasoline Tank”

Respond to all questions in paragraph form. To strengthen your responses, make sure that you are including specific examples and quotes from the story that support your discussion.

Describe Ann’s internal struggle throughout the story “The Painted Door”.
What does this internal struggle cause her to do?
How and why does she justify her actions?
Do you think her actions were justified? Explain.

The saying “the grass is always greener on the other side” is a popular one in North America. It means that people are often critical of what they don’t have or that they think what others have is better. It prevents them from being happy with or proud of what they have.
How does this saying apply to Marg Cutter in “New Houses”?
What happens that causes her to become unhappy in her current situation?
How does she change, and how does this affect her family? Explain.

In the story “Head”, the narrator leaves behind a metaphorical head on a rock in a field on their family’s farm. The metaphorical head is wearing glasses.
What do the glasses symbolize?
How do you know? Explain.

What do the hands in the story “The Thing That Grows in the Gasoline Tank” symbolize? Provide and discuss two possibilities/theories.

In these stories, landscape (physical and/or mental) played an important role in developing the meaning and understanding of the intended message or controlling idea. Using a story of your choosing from one of the four stories studied, identify what you think the intended message or controlling idea is, and explain how the landscape was used to develop it or help you to understand the meaning of the story.