Scientist Spotlight Purpose: There are many stereotypes about the appearance, personal qualities, skills and work of a “scientist” and

Scientist Spotlight Purpose:
There are many stereotypes about the appearance, personal qualities, skills and work of a “scientist” and their pathway to their career. Many students have few if any real-world reference points to inform their perceptions of scientists and their life and work. You will be exploring the lives and scientific research discoveries of 2 different scientists, reviewing their published research experiments, and reflecting on this information.
Project Format Expectations:
Submission directions and due date will be provided by instructor. Assignment will be graded with Grading Rubric. It is strongly recommended that you edit, word count check and spell check your assignment before you copy/paste submission into Blackboard Journal and submit. Review the grading rubric to make sure you are meeting the requirements. Once you submit, you will see a yellow exclamation icon in grade book until it is graded, typically within 2 weeks of due date. See your instructor well before the due date for assistance with any part of this assignment. This assignment correlates to Course Objective 6 and Wor-Wic GEOs 1, 4, 5, 7.
Assignment Tasks:
A. Review the Scientist Spotlights on Blackboard. Choose any two of interest to you and fully explore the associated link including a podcast or video. Be sure to READ the abstract, introduction and conclusion of their scientific article and take a look at the Figures and Tables. For each scientist, you will write your personal reflection containing three paragraphs.
B. You will submit your each Reflection as a Journal in Blackboard. Your two journals will have different due dates, so check your schedule and Blackboard.
C. Write the scientist’s name as the heading for each reflection.
D. Write a first short paragraph (75 – 150 words) explaining why you picked that scientist to explore. Discuss some reasons you picked that one compared to the other choices.
E. Then write a second short paragraph (100 – 250 words) focused on the scientist’s professional life and field of study; do NOT just re-tell their experiment or story.
o o o
What did you learn from the podcast/video and article about this scientist’s work and field/topic of study?
What was most interesting or most confusing about their peer-reviewed published science article?
How is their professional career and scientific research related to your future allied health career?
F. Then write a third short paragraph (100 – 250 words) focused on the scientist’s personal life. o What does this podcast/video and article tell you about the types and
characteristics of people that “do science”?
o How has it changed your preconceptions about scientists in general?
o What new questions do you have about being a scientist after hearing their story
and reading their research article?
Plagiarism: Using ANY quotes is NOT allowed in your personal reflection, so all information must be paraphrased. Copying or rewriting any parts from any resource is plagiarism. If found anywhere in this assignment, it will result in ZERO for the whole assignment and be reported to Disciplinary Committee for review as academic dishonesty.
Please read attached paper. the assignment is why I wrote about Stephanie teether and may sure to read her podcast and talk it as well