Researching the cultural narrative and the job of policing in the country of India

Another way to think about it would be to call it a worldview, but it is always a representation based on a complicated cluster of beliefs and valuesRead this short article about a nurse in a hospital in Nigeria. As you read it, it is likely you picked up on a narrative.  Why do you think this story is out there? What does it tell us about how Nurses are perceived in Nigeria? Cultural Narratives are embedded in language, art, music, literature, journalism, film, etc. For instance, compare this story to the way nurses are represented in Gray’s Anatomy. Do you find it interesting that the story is told by someone not from Nigeria? Now, does reading this article about Nollywood representation make you think differently about the first one?The TaskFor your project, I’d like you to collect different kinds of representations of your job in another country…not Canada and not Europe and not Australia.  The point here is to choose a culture you know very little about and is quite different than the Western European cultures of Europe, The United States and Canada. You’ll need to consider how colonization may have shaped or complicated cultural narratives around the world. Work with your group members to decide on a place you want to learn about in the world and get to work amassing representations. You don’t all have to choose the same professions so it might be interesting to see if perceptions of different jobs are similar or not.  If they are, you will have likely landed on a cultural narrative about work in general rather than about a specific job.  This is what you will present to the class in the second presentation and second collaborative paper.RequirementsResearch of representations of work in a particular culture (not Western Cultures)Develop a collection of artifacts that represent how people seem to think about work in their cultureDevelop a presentation that shows evidence of a common cultural narrative about work in the chosen culture.Compare that narrative with the narratives about work that you are familiar with in the United States.Problematize both narratives and arrive at a new narrative about work.Educational GoalsStudents will demonstrate an ability to identify cultural narratives around jobs and work by locating and analyzing portrayals of workers on various representative platforms (art, music, film, etc.)See these representations of work and workers in historical, aesthetic, ethical, religious, spiritual, ideological and technical contexts.Students will help the class understand work on a global level by looking at work in other cultures, countries and regions.Students will demonstrate the dynamics of collaborative work and produce oral, written and visual texts.Through this project, students will analyze their own views of the world (and work) and their own narratives of self and place.Demonstrate the impacts of globalization on the development and circulation of important civic and cultural narratives.Use proper MLA citation for images and quotes in the paper and in the presentation.