Research Project

First part is an annotated bibliography and second part is the essay itself. Instructions provided below:Annotated Bibliography- The annotations for each bibliographic entry should summarize, analyze, and reflect on the purpose and relevance of the source to your research. Your annotation can include direct quotes you think might be useful in your essay or just a summary and analysis of the author’s main ideas and comments. Annotated bibliography should contain at least secondary five sources, all of which must be relevant to your research. At least three of those sources must be a academic – journal article, anthology essay, etc. Your remaining sources for this annotated bibliography may be whatever genre you choose: YouTube video, documentary, infographic, etc. Each source should be carefully annotated. Each annotation should be at least five sentences. Argumentative Research Essay- Pick any current social issue for your research essay. Purpose of this essay is to present an argument supported by academic research. Required to be min 6-8 pages, MLA format, Correctly formatted in-text citations (must use at least 6 scholarly, credible sources) and a correctly formatted Works Cited page. Essay should offer a brief outline of your topic, clearly present your argument on the topic, and carefully utilize secondary sources to support your argument. While writing essay, the intended audience is your fellow classmates. Therefore, you should express your ideas and your opinions in such a way that is accessible yet formal enough to be appropriate for a college classroom. Present a clear thesis statement that details your opinion on the research topic and provides your “road map” of evidence. Give a concise (less than two paragraphs) overview of the arguments and/or any socio-historical context necessary to understanding your research topic Incorporate academic sources that support your argument Show intentional organization skills in the arrangements of your main points of evidence Employ logic and rhetoric to persuade your audience Demonstrate an awareness of the rhetorical context surrounding your topic Include proper MLA in-text citation and a works cited page.