Research Case

Answer the two questions noted on page 184 (for the second question regarding whether you agree or disagree, provide four or five sentences regarding why you agree or disagree).Assume that you are the CEO of a new start-up that recently went public and feel the same way as Warren Buffet does about this issue. Would you be willing to publicly make this statement as Warren Buffet has (assuming that Warren Buffet has yet to address this issue)? Explain in four or five sentences why you would or would not be willing to publicly make this statement.Complete the Costco research case on page 212 of the textbook. Click on this link to obtain Costco’s 2018 annual report: FY 2018 Annual Report-Costco.pdf  Download FY 2018 Annual Report-Costco.pdf Answer requirements 1 and 2 on page 212.For requirement 1, explain the location of these items and the dollar amounts of these items in each financial statement.Do you think Costco’s financial statements would be materially misstated if they omitted all reference to the Taiwanese noncontrolling interest? Explain your answer to four to five sentences