relationship development and maintenance explored Social Exchange Theory and

This is an economic view of relationships. Please view the clip from Friends about selfless good deeds, and respond to the following prompts (in no more than 1 page);1A.) Social exchange theory argues that every choice we make is made because of some sort of tangible or intangible benefit. In this clip from Friends, we see Phoebe attempt to find a selfless act, and if successful, would dispute social exchange theory. Are there any selfless acts?1B.) If there are any truly selfless acts between people in relationships, provide an example of one. It can be real or hypothetical.2A.) Do you think cost-reward analysis is useful in relationship formation and maintenance?2B.) Why or why not?HERE’S THE VIDEO————————————————————————————–Ch 10:1) Watch the clips from Mean Girls posted to Blackboard. If you are familiar with the film already, you can use any content, including scenes not posted to Blackboard.2) Analyze what group dynamics are present, and HOW? You may wish to identify any group considerations from the reading or lecture, including;Group size and communication patternsCohesion and normsSocial loafingSocial ostracismArgumentativeness and AssertivenessCliques and countercoalitionsNetwork patterns3) Write up your analysis in no more than 1 page. Be sure to make at LEAST three connections to three different concepts from the chapter. Give specific examples for each. You may bullet each concept and example out, but write in complete sentences.HERE’S THE VIDEO: