read And Analyze The Following Questions. [a] Formation Of Ions.1.) My Assignment Essay Help

Read and Analyze the following questions.

[A] Formation of Ions.1.) How do you write the chemical formula of compounds?2.) What are the basic rules in writing chemical formula of compounds?3.) Why do we need to be familiar with the basic chemical formula of compounds that we are using everyday?
[B] Mole Concept.1.) What is significance of Avogadro’s number in a mole concept?2.) What is formula mass?
[C] ORGANIC COMPOUNDS1.) How do you describe each property?~ Volatility, Flammability, Phase, Odor, Viscosity2.) Why is it important to know the properties of different organic compound?
[D] FUNCTIONAL GROUPS OF ORGANIC COMPOUNDS1.) What are functional groups?2.) Why is it important to classify organic compounds according to their functional groups?