question 1 there Is A Growing Interdependence Between A Firm’s Ability To History Essay Help

There is a growing interdependence between a firm’s ability to use information technology and its ability to implement corporate strategies and achieve corporate goals. Discuss the strategic objectives you, as a senior manager, would consider when investing in information and knowledge management to achieve your organisations strategic goals.

With the emergence of the knowledge economy, it has become increasingly important for organisations to reconsider the value of their tangible assets. The value of the organisation can no longer be viewed as the value of the assets that reflect on the traditional balance and value sheets. With reference to this statement, discuss your understanding of intellectual capital and knowledge assets within an organisation.

Information and knowledge management systems are vulnerable to technical, organisational, and environmental threats from internal and external sources. The weakest link in the chain is poor system management. Report on technologies and tools to management for protecting a firm’s information technology resources.

N.B: Please answer each questions extensively