Public Health

Strengthb. Consistencyc. Specificityd. Temporalitye. Biological plausibilityPAGE 2–Look up the disease bubonic plague on the Internet.  After reading about the disease, see if you can complete a chain of infection model for plague. -Identify the:causative agentvectorreservoirmode of transmission-What types of prevention and control strategies were used in the past to stop the spread of this disease?-What could be done differently today if there were an epidemic of plague?-Include a brief statement of how this topic impacts your life-Site workPAGE 3-Do an internet search and find the injures and diseases connected with your future profession (Nursing)(ie; graphs)-Identify the major problems or injuries associated with your future occupation-What should employers do to prevent these types of injuries?-What should employees do to prevent these types of injuries?-Express concerns that you have about working in the profession because of these problems/injuries-site work