psychosocial development

Creativity is something that preschoolers naturally have, but is often stifled as we get older. This assignment gives you an opportunity to use your creativity.1. Choose one of the following topics that relate to social and emotional development:Helping a five year old with ADHD gain self control AND feel successful in the classroom.Helping preschoolers express feelings in appropriate ways.Helping a two year old cope with change and transitions.Helping four year olds solve problems, resolve conflicts, and live at peace with each other.Helping preschoolers understand what it means to be friends.Helping preschoolers learn the difference between right and wrong.Helping older preschoolers learn about spirituality.2. Now choose one of the following ways to help preschooler learn about the topic you chose in #1.Draw or use an online tool to create a poster that would help preschoolers learn about your topic.Create a comic strip to teach about your topic.Write an original poem, finger play or rap that would teach about your topic.Write and illustrate a short story that would help preschoolers learn about your topic.Design an art activity or game that would allow children to practice the skill discussed in your topic. (Include written examples or pictures of your activity or game.)None of the above? You come up with your own creative idea to teach your topic.3. Be sure to include a brief description of which topic and option you have chosen and how what you created can be used with young students.