PROJECT 2: Colour in Context Color and Human Experience In this first half of the course we have been Essay

PROJECT 2: Colour in Context

Color and Human Experience

In this first half of the course we have been exploring the world of colour, what it is, how we see it and also how we might implement it in the design of an environment. The key parts of this are how to use color harmonies and adjust color value and tone so that we might effectively implement the element of colour in a space.

We also took a look at the personal, social, and cultural associations people have to particular colours. This knowledge gives us the tools to ask the right questions and to think about who our client or user is. Understanding the psychological effects colour has on the users of a space or environment will ultimately make us better designers.


PART 1: Research

The first part of this assignment will have you focus on a specific type of environment and conduct research. You will assemble a short research paper (minimum 3 pages) answering the following. Standard paper format (Introduction – Body – Conclusion).

Sector Specific

Do preliminary research on the different types of spaces. Restaurant, Retail, Office, Hospital, Residence etc. Select one for this assignment.

Research the programming.
What type of activities happen in this environment?
Who is using this environment?
Case studies or precedents will help you determine and answer these questions. Think about your favorite environments. What sector type of environment is it/ are they? Both personal examples and research on other environments will be acceptable.

Mood/ Psychology

Think about and develop the way individuals should feel emotionally in this environment. Do a mind map to figure this out (include this in your submission). Note: There is no “Right” way to make a mind map, ensure all you thoughts/ research translate from here to the final result. Make sure the mind map is legible.

Ask yourself the following questions to help you identify this:

What emotions should people have?
How should this environment affect their psychology?
Should it be calming or energizing?

Now conduct research using our class materials and other valid sources. Focus on the mood/ emotions individuals should feel and how this can be achieved through the use of colour.

In your paper answer the following and justify with your research:

What colours are conducive to the emotion you are trying to achieve?
What type of contrast will you use to keep the environment from becoming boring?
PART 2: Visual Exploration

Colour and Color Harmonies Collage

Based on your research, start to pull examples of the colours you would use in your selected environment. Work through identifying the base colours you will use based on your research (blue, red, yellow, green, violet etc.), Use the tools we have learned and play with different colour harmonies and adjust these colours’ value and saturation.

The format for your collage is up to your discretion. Colours should be represented proportionally and should show exploration of colour relationships and how colours interact with one another. White vs. Black background is completely up to you.

You may also use images of furniture, materials, finishes and anything else that supports your research and visually represents that research.

Remember that contrasts of hue, value and saturation are ways to keep the environment from becoming boring. Justify in your research paper the type of contrast(‘s) you would employ in this type of environment.


Your Submission will include:

Cover page
Table of contents
Opening statement outlining your selected type of environment, why you were inclined to select this type of space and your first instincts of how the space should feel.
Research paper (min 3 pages):
answering the questions posed under each sub heading above as well as
justifying your research and decisions made about the use of colour in your chosen type of environment.
display examples of other environments with similar programming
Visual collage representing the proportions, colours, values and saturations that will be employed in your selected type of environment.
Research, case studies and progress work. All explorations of colour harmonies and relationships.
For the research paper:

Letter size page (8.5 x 11)
Size 12 font
Double spaced
For the collage:

Page size and orientation is up to you
Once completed, submit a copy of your PDF to the project folder on Canvas for grading. Examples will be shared in class the following week.

Your files should be labeled as such; LAST NAME. FIRST INITIAL_PROJECT2

For example, if I was submitting my file name would be FANG.J_PROJECT2