program Essentials [5 Marks]hint For Finding The Index Of The Largest Element:have Professional Essay Help

Program essentials [5 marks]Hint for finding the index of the largest element:Have an integer variable for the index of the largest value (let’s call it “lix”) and set it to the firstelement in the array (ie zero). Loop through the rest of the array comparing each element with theelement at the index “lix”, if the current element is larger than the one at the index “lix”, update “ix”to the index of the current one. When loop is done “ix” will hold the index of the largest double inthe array.Outout samblePlease enter number or doubles values;Please enter the values:1> 12342> 34.5624 444> 1.3values entered:1: 12.342: 34.56 <- Largest34.444: 1.3