Prepare a Collage and Essay that makes connections between the various theories, topics, concepts and issues discussed in class

Prepare a Collage and Essay that makes connections between the various theories, topics, concepts and issues discussed in class and in the text with intersecting identities (female, Yoruba nigerian, middle class, heterosexual)
Plan for Writing
Identify the topic and the theme of your essay. The essay should develop a personal narrative that paints a picture of your cultural traditions or memories that are relevant to you. Relate your theme to a topic in the Yoruba Nigerian culture.
Select 8 – 10 photos or images to include in your collage. These photos or images may be yours or copied from Internet sources or magazines. Make sure to site your sources if the images are not your own. You may use a poster board, paper, construction paper for the collage or present a PowerPoint.
Introduction: Provide a 2 page overview of your theme and why you chose it to represent you. Relate the theme to the culture you chose. For example, your theme is gender roles and the culture you are writing about is Mexican culture. You would related the gender roles to Mexican culture and explain the role in that culture and possibly how they differ from other cultures.
Images: Write a brief descriiption for each image explaining what it represents and the relevance to your theme. Be sure to tie these themes to topics discussed in the course thus far.
** You may also chose to write on a sub culture / family that you identify with ie. Medical professional, goth person, LGBTQ, biker, gang banger etc.
The essay should include an overview/summary that is 2-3 pages in length explaining the overall theme of the essay and how it relates to your culture. A requirement of 8 to 10 pictures with captions is needed to receive a passing grade on this assignment.

A thematic collage and essay focuses on a central theme (for this class it would be culturally based) and presents photos relevant to that theme.

Some topics you may want to address in your photo essay include:

Sexual orientation/heterosexism/homophobia
Social economic status/classism
Religiosity/Spirituality/Religious Intolerance
Marital Status
Able bodied/Disability
Geographical location/migration
Documentation status in America
Family composition (i.e. blended, nuclear, single, etc)
Social roles (i.e. brother, sister, aunt, etc.)
Social Interaction
Education and Work
Gender Roles
Remember, the above are only suggestions. Photo essays are a form of art, and like any artistic creation, breaking the rules can sometimes create the most powerful result. Don’t be afraid to try something different and be creative!