PowerPoint Presentation on the topic Analysis of APN Practice Regulations comparison of NJ and Alaska State NP Scope of Practice Regulations

Summarize with no more than 5 slides (exclude your title and references) the significant findings from your assigned state – ALASKA on APN practice. Be sure to compare the information from the 2 states, ALASKA and NJ. Summary of the APRN Paper with pertinent information are included in the presentationComparison of state assigned- Alaska, and New Jersey included in the discussionEducational requirements/Clinical HoursRenewal for licenses and CertificationsPrescriptive Authority (DEA, CDS)Collaborative Agreement (what is included) if needed in the state of practiceAdmitting/Credentialing PrivilegesPalliative Care.Conclusion and summary are provided (not a repetition of what have been discussed).Power point presentation is organized in a clear, concise manner, thoughtful, not more than 5 slides, excluding title and references.Valid and relevant references (APA 7th edition format) with at least 3 primary sources less than 5 years.understanding the regulatory process that each states follows, certifications, and credentialing procedure to prepare them to their roles as APNs. The written scholarly project is very important in understanding the different rules and regulations each states imposed on APNs and the current barries to APN practice.