As evidence, reflect on the influence of groups such as the Tea Party. Whereas some groups have called for the expanding influence of the federal government in national and personal matters, i.e., health care, gun rights, etc., both have their own set of compelling evidence. Based on this information, respond to the following questions as outlined in the instructions.Discussion Question(s)Is the role of the government to serve its citizens as a functional entity, i.e., law and order, planning and direction, social needs, and international relations, or arbiter between competing interests and viewpoints, i.e., education, business, labor, etc.?Or, in your opinion, what is the limit of the government’s authority? Explain your reasoning.Weekly Discussion Standard InstructionsInitial Post. You will submit one primary post, which will respond to the discussion question(s) for the week. This post must (a) be a minimum of 200‒300 words in length, (b) exhibit college-level writing, and (c) include a reference to an external resource, i.e., textbook, course lecture, scholarly article, or appropriate website. All references should follow proper citation rules in either APA or Turabian format.