Policy Brief: Paid Family Leave

Your literature review should include a minimum of 5-7 empirical primary sources and should be organized into three main sections:(In other words, elaborate throughout your paper as to why paid family leave is important, and why should job protection be included. Also, include why paid family leave should become a law requiring families to have a paid family leave regardless of the employee’s gender, usage of vacation time, and amount of earned or used sick leave. Additionally, elaborate on why amounts for this family time should not be deducted from the employees’ pay under this regulation.)1. Introduction: Provides an overview of the topic of the literature review and introduces the central theme or organizational pattern of the paper.2. Body: Contains your discussion of sources. The body of a literature review should also organize your sources in a way that is easy for the reader to understand. Sources can be organized chronologically (for example, from oldest to newest), by subtopic (for example, group sources that focus on the same piece of your topic together), or by methodology (for example, group sources that are cross-sectional separately from sources that are longitudinal).3. Conclusions/Recommendations: Summarizes the main takeaways from your sources and highlight gaps in the existing literature/potential areas of focus for future research on this topic.