please Reference To The Book Of Entrepreneurship: Theory, Process, Practice 11th Edition Descriptive Essay Help

please reference to the book of Entrepreneurship: Theory, Process, Practice 11th Edition
1. Key terms definition 1: what is minimum viable product(MVP)? (10 pts)2. Key terms definition 2: what is validated learning? (10 pts)3. Explain the importance of establishing the legitimacy of a new venture. (15 pts)4. Identify the three main pathways to entering business for a prospective entrepreneur. (15 pts)5. How can an individual who is thinking of going into business evaluate the financial picture of the enterprise? (10 pts)6. What are the advantages of buying an ongoing business? Explain them. (10 pts)7. What “right questions” need to be answered when deciding whether to buy a business? (10 pts)8. How should a prospective buyer examine the assets of a company? Explain. (10 pts)9. Key terms definition 3: what is non-compete agreement? (10 pts)10. What kind of companies do you think a christian community should buy? Please explain the reason. (20 pts)