please Read The Instructions And Download The Application Digital And Help With My Assignment Essay Help London

please read the instructions and download the application digital and help with tasks 1 and 2, they must be done on the application

use the digital application!!!

Task 1: Learning design with Digital by design of XOR
Make the schematic (circuit) for an XOR gate using Inverter (NOT), AND, and OR gates. After compilation, repeat the process for practice purposes — This time using only NAND gates. After completion of each step, run the simulation and analysis to show each part working correctly. Also, please show how you determined the sum-of-product form and the design. Make sure you show the input and output results.

Task 2: Multiplexer
Make a two variable multiplexer. However, do not do it from the multiplexer menu. Instead, make it using basic logic NOT gates, AND gate(s), and OR gate(s).