Please Assist, The Module Is Operational Research 3 image Transcription Text financial Compare And Contrast Essay Help

please assist, the module is operational research 3
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Financial Applications 2 Solver Computer Project Capital Bank invests in short-tenn trade credits. corporate bonds. gold stocks, and construction loans. To encourage a diversified portfolio. the board of directors has placed limits on the amount that can be committed to any one type of investment. Capital Bank has R5 million available for immediate investment and wishes to do two things: (i) maximize the interest earned on the investments made over the next six months and (ii) satisfy the diversification requirements as set by the board of directors. The specifics of the investment possibilities are shown in the following table. In addition, the board specifies that at least 55% of the funds invested must be in gold stocks and construction loans, and that no less than 15% be invested in trade credit. Investment Interest earned % Maximum Investment Rmillion Trade Credit Co norate Bonds Gold Stocks Construction Loans (a) Formulate a linear programming model for this problem. (20) (b) Set up a spreadsheet model for this problem and use the Excel Solver to find the optimal solution. (57) (c) State the optimal solution and the value of the objective function. (5)
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