please answer a to g questions in total 4-5 pages write a detailed note of all the questions

Question: please answer a to g questions in total 4-5 pages write a detailed note of all the questionsSee the answerSee the answerSee the answer done loading
please answer a to g questions in total 4-5 pages
write a detailed note of all the questions
Show transcribed image textThe time management and timely service delivery of a project is the key for any organizations growth and trust in the market. The procurement of heavy machinery at opitimzed price is as important as timely and quality service delivery and completion…View the full answerTranscribed image text: Styles John is working as Manager Recruitment in a large multinational company, ABC, that constructs housing projects in many countries. ABC has a reputation for high quality construction, compliance with engineering, operating, labor, environmental and legal standards. The Corporate Values of ABC are Customer Satisfaction, Competitive Pricing, Honesty, Teamwork, and Innovation. John is responsible for hiring 35 heavy machinery operators for a construction project that ABC is about to start in Mexico. These operators will be required to operate earth moving equipment like bull dozers, dump trucks, excavators, cranes, etc. For the project, ABC is also purchasing 3 bull dozers, 5 excavators, 2 cranes and 10 dump trucks from a renowned manufacturer, XYZ, based in the US. This purchase, which is priced at US $ 282 million, is being done by ABC’s Procurement Manager, Gilbert. Gilbert is in the final stages of negotiations with Alan, the Sales Manager of XYZ and has been trying to convince Alan to reduce prices by 10% knowing that XYZ’s prices are usually higher than the competitor, a Japanese manufacturer. Gilbert could select the Japanese manufacturer, but the delivery time offered by this supplier is too long which would cause a delay in the project startup. Alan does not know about the long delivery period of the Japanese supplier. Alan has just called Gilbert and has suggested that he could give an 8% discount on the condition that his nephew, Richard, who is a bulldozer operator, be hired by ABC for the project. When Gilbert discusses this request with John, the latter refuses. Knowing that the 8% discount on $ 282 million is a very substantial amount which would lower the project costs and enhance profits for ABC, Gilbert holds a meeting with you, the General Manager of ABC. Your Values include Efficiency, Cost Optimization, Time Management, Quality, and Growth of Business. As the General Manager, apply the following process to take a decision: Analyze the facts and understand the situation fully b. Define the ethical issues C. Identify the ethical parties d. Identify the obligations e. Consider the CorporateValues of the company and your own Values and their impact Determine the possible options and evaluate the consequences of each option f. g. Select an decision evaluating options, applying and explaining theethical theory you have used to reach this decision