Peruvian History

You may use articles/books that we have read for this class but you list must be more than just in-class readings.Look in Resources/Bibliographies for titles you might find useful. You may also find H-Net Reviews helpful. You probably want to choose the H-LatAm and/or Caribbean lists.Please include with your list a tentative description of the theme or topic (Peruvian History) of your bibliographic essay.Note: The biggest mistakewith this assignment is to choose writings of people who are not historians. Historians develop their viewpoints based on special training and a major goal of this assignment is to achieve an appreciation of historical writing. However, for some topics the inclusion of other specialists may be appropriate. For example, if you are writing about pre-Colombian societies, you have to include the work of anthropologists and/or archeologists. The main purpose of this essay is to evaluate the different ways that historians have addressed your topic (Peruvian History). You do not necessarily have to write much detail about your topic/theme, just enough to to make understandable the opinions of the various authors.