Persuasive writing

Your immediate manager has asked you to determine one specific innovation for your department; you will be responsible for the implementation of this innovation.Your manager has asked you to first create an informative report in which you explore how this innovation might be implemented. Once they approve or provide feedback on this, they would like you to create a recommendation report for the department manager.ASSIGNMENT: In Unit 3, you revised the informative report in which you researched several methods for implementing your chosen innovation and compared and contrasted them based on factors that you chose. In this assignment, you will choose one of these methods and write a persuasive composition in which you aim to persuade your audience that this is the best course of action to take in order to implement your innovation.To write a detailed recommendation, you will need to consider 2-3 criteria that are influencing your recommendation. These should be the same criteria that you evaluated objectively in your comparison/contrast assignment; however, you should look at them through a new lens as you are now aiming to persuade your audience that one method is better suited than the others rather than to inform about the similarities and differences between the methods.In addition to advocating for the method you have chosen, you should spend at least one body paragraph acknowledging and responding to any counterarguments you anticipate regarding this method. Think about the method you did not choose and why someone might advocate for that method instead. Address those concerns by demonstrating why the method you have chosen is still the best option. Refer to the Unit 4 lesson called “Using Counterarguments” for further instruction on addressing these types of arguments in a persuasive composition.